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  • Computer Simulation and Applications in Life Sciences

    Modeling and simulation provide substantial support for the planning, design, and evaluation of systems as well as the evaluation of strategies for system transformation and change. Its importance continues to grow partly due to the fact that its application is not constrained by discipline boundaries. This growth is also due to the ever-widening availability of computing resources. The course will discuss basic computer science/mathematical techniques needed for the modelling and simulation of discrete and continuous dynamical systems and the interpretation of simulation results. The examples in this course will be focused on but not limited to life sciences.

    Lectures by: Dr. Michael T.M. Emmerich & Dr. Andre Deutz
    Course webpage: http://liacs.leidenuniv.nl/~csnaco/CSA/

  • Evolutionary Algorithms

    Evolutionary algorithms are search and optimization algorithms gleaned from the model of organic evolution. In this course, we give an overview of the main representatives of evolutionary algorithms and explain the algorithms in detail.

    Lectures by: Prof. Dr. Thomas Bäck
    Course webpage: http://liacs.leidenuniv.nl/~csnaco/EA/

  • Masterclass

    The master class for computer science students in the second year of their master studies takes place every second week and is a mandatory class for all master students who are in their second year, i.e., in their research year (research project and master thesis).

    Lectures by: Prof. Dr. Thomas Bäck
    Course webpage: http://csmaster.liacs.nl/

  • Natural Computing

    In this course we give an introduction to various algorithms that are inspired by nature and show how they have proven to be very powerful in solving various kinds of problems.

    Lectures by: Prof. Dr. Thomas Bäck
    Course webpage: http://liacs.leidenuniv.nl/~csnaco/NC/

  • Multi-objective optimization and decision making

    Real world decision and optimization problems usually involve conflicting criteria. Ideal solutions are rather the exception than the rule. In this course we deal with algorithmic methods for solving multi-objective optimization and decision making problems.

    Lectures by: Dr. Michael Emmerich
    Course webpage: http://www.liacs.nl/~emmerich/moda.html

  • Optimization with Applications in Bioinformatics

    Optimization is a core task for a variety of practically relevant topics. In this course, we discuss the general problem of optimization and its solution approaches. Applications of optimization in bioinformatics such as sequence alignment, protein folding, etc. are used to illustrate the range of applications.

    Lectures by: Prof. Dr. Thomas Bäck & Dr. Michael Emmerich
    Course webpage: http://bioopt.liacs.nl/

  • Swarm-based Intelligence with Applications on Bioinformatics

    Swarm intelligence is a modern artificial intelligence discipline that is concerned with the design of multi-agent systems with applications. Swarm intelligence is embedded in the biological study of self-organized behaviors in social animals, e.g., the collective behaviour of social insects such as ants and bees, as well as flocks of birds and schools of fish. Instead of a sophisticated controller that governs the global behaviour of the system, the swarm intelligence principle is based on many unsophisticated entities that cooperate in order to exhibit a desired behaviour. For example, without any master blueprint bees are able to build complex hive in cooperation.

    Scientists have applied these principles to new approaches, for instance, optimization and swarm robotics. Through this research seminar, we will provide an overview of swarm intelligence as well as a collection of some of the most interesting up-to-date applications from different domains. Furthermore, students will learn studying, processing and presenting scientific material about swarm intelligence through this seminar course. In principal the seminar is open to 3rd or higher level CS students. PhD students and faculty members who are interested in swarm intelligence are also welcome.

    Lectures by: Prof. Dr. Thomas Bäck & Dr. Rui Li
    Course webpage: http://natcomp.liacs.nl/SWI